What Others Are Saying

"Dr. Ferreri and I have shared patients in the past and he is committed to the holistic approach with the patient and combines modalities such as chiropractic manipulation with manual muscle therapy, as well as acupuncture. He is dedicated to the well-being of his patients and approaching multiple diagnoses in a holistic manner."

James Alexander, MD


"I am 26 years old and have lived with constant back pain for two years until I walked into Dr. Gus’ office. Dr. Gus has helped me get my back pain under control using a different combination of techniques. I give him all of the credit for my recovery."

Kristel Lyons


"Without a doubt, Dr. Gus has improved my quality of life over the past 4 years tremendously! Literally, experiencing gut-wrenching pain in my lower back and walking out virtually “pain free” an hour later is nothing short of a miracle!

Dr. Gus is not only a great and caring doctor, but a true friend!"

Jim Stephens


"After 30 years of going to chiropractors, no one has helped me as much as Dr. Gus. After my first treatment by him, I knew I wouldn’t go anywhere else."

Troy Armstrong


"I have been a patient of Dr. Gus Ferreri for over 5 years now, and he has become my “trusted advisor” when it comes to all health issues. He focuses on your whole health, and his expertise in nutrition, acupuncture and natural medicine are a wonderful compliment to his skills in the areas of chiropractic and deep muscle work. Dr. Gus has an uncanny gift when it comes to muscle work, having the ability to find and relieve painful muscle strain.

I have, and will continue to recommend South Charlotte Pain Relief Center to anyone dealing with physical pain."

Pamela Bajorek


"Dr. Ferreri is an excellent chiropractor who has made an outstanding contribution to the Charlotte area for many years. He is a great asset to our community whose ethical and moral behavior is outstanding. His knowledge base and skills are exceptional and I utilize his services for my patients frequently. I would recommend him without hesitation for any position he is applying. Please feel free to contact me at my office if you have any additional questions or if I can be of further assistance."

John A. Welshofer, MD
Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates


Dear Dr. Ferreri

As a patient of your practice, I would like to share with you how your medical advise and treatment has positively changed my life. Prior to my coming to you, for 25 years I was constantly plagued with a severe, persistent pain in my right and left jaw. I’d sought treatment from doctors nationwide and taken different medication with no relief in sight. Day and night the pain wouldn’t stop. The cause; no medical professional could discover, nor any cure could they prescribe to help me long term. I tried everything! Nothing worked. The pain was so mind-numbing, that it took all I had to fight and resist suicidal thoughts. I began to pray and seek God’s help so that I could hopefully begin to live a normal life. Miraculously, one day while driving, I saw a sign advertising your practice. I pulled over and wrote down the telephone number. After having tried everything, even surgery, I decided if you could not help me then I’d proceed with ending the pain by undergoing another surgery. Long story short; you examined me, diagnosed the problem, advised me on how to change my diet and recommended I begin taking herbal vitamin supplements, along with acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. Praise God, today, 2 ½ months later, I am now pain free. I am pain free! I thank God for you Dr. Ferreri.

Perry Grier
Charlotte, NC


I relocated from New York City about two years ago.  At this time I was experiencing severe lower back pains.  I had been to several chiropractors undergoing numerous types of treatment with only temporary relief from the severe back pain I was experiencing.  I had started to believe that I was going live with this pain for the rest of my life.  Then one day I met Dr. Gustave V. Ferreri.  My first visit was on February 12, 2008.  During this first visit a thorough medical history was taken, a treatment plan created and implemented the same day.  By February 28, 2008, I had undergone five more treatments and my lower back pain had decreased tremendously at this point.  I have continued scheduled treatments and today I have no lower back pain.

I believe that Dr. Gustave Ferreri's treatments and methods are so successful because of the hands on treatment he provides.  In addition, my treatment plan also included Acupuncture and a nutritional system as well.  Office visits are further enhanced by a very calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Dr. Ferreri I would like to thank you for creating and implementing a successful medical plan for me.

Ronald Sykes