Dr. Gustave Ferreri, DC

Real World Healing and Experience

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., July 1946. Graduate of Brooklyn College C.U.N.Y 1969 Graduated New York Chiropractic College April 1993, Magna Cum Laude,  And member of Phi Chi Omega Scholastic Honor Society.

•     Member of, (past and/or present):
•     North Carolina Chiropractic Association
•     American Chiropractic Association
•     ACA Council on Sports Injuries and Fitness
•     American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
•     Life Extension Foundation

Dr. Ferreri has been a student of nutrition and natural medicine i.e, vitamins, herbs, enzymes, amino acids, etc., for over 40 years.  What he brings to his practice are things that have been beneficial to his own life.

Chiropractic- cured his migraines / Acupuncture- cured his allergies / Natural Medicine- vibrant health.

Dr. Ferreri has experienced the success of Natural Healing in his own life and wants to share that success with his patients.